Yorkshire O.P.E.N

Welcome to Yorkshire O.P.E.N

Yorkshire O.P.E.N (Open relationships, Polyamory & Ethical Non-monogamy) is a monthly discussion, support and social group for people in or curious about non-monogamous relationships.

Our meetups

Our meetups are on the first Thursday of every month, in a hotel in central Leeds.

O.P.E.N Library

There is an ever-growing lending library of books about non-monogamy, thanks to the support of our members.

Our Facebook group

We can socialise and keep the discussion going between meetings on a "secret" Facebook group (meaning your friends can't see you're a member unless they are also members).

If you've been to an event and you'd like to join the Facebook group, we need the email address you use to sign into Facebook. Just let one of the organisers know.